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Culture Change – Don’t make it Difficult

I have been covering the theme of Culture Change for the last few weeks and this week I am delighted to feature Amanda Jones as my guest writer. Amanda designed and successfully delivered a major cultural and transformational programme in The Co-operative saving £20M of occupational space by changing how people worked, improving productivity and… Read more »

What would be possible if you had more influence?

One of the topics that is often discussed on my Lead with Impact programmes is influence – and more specifically how to improve our ability to influence different people in different situations at different times without damaging working or personal relationships!

What are you doing that is stupid?

  Last week I wrote about Busyness  and the fact that good ideas, great productivity and best work are rarely  served by busyness (I’m talking about the ‘too much to do and everything is urgent’ busyness). So if you and your team have ‘too much to do and too little time’ you have two choices.

The Transformational Team – At last!

Over the last few weeks I’ve written about the seriously dysfunctional team, the resistant team, the mediocre team and the high potential team Transformational teams are in the Premier League.  But as we know, it takes work and commitment to stay there. Transformational teams are teams which have worked to develop the self-awareness of the team to a very high… Read more »

The High Potential Team

Over the last few weeks I’ve written about the seriously dysfunctional team, the resistant team and the mediocre team.  This week, we’re going to focus on the High Potential team.  These teams are good teams which recognise they could be better, and have an appetite for the changes which will make them great. These teams have energy and commitment and really want… Read more »

The Mediocre Team – Losing the will to live

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve written about the Seriously Dysfunctional Team and the Resistant Team. This week we’re looking at the Mediocre Team. As Jim Collins famously said… ‘good is the enemy of great’. A team that is good enough but not striving to be better very quickly becomes mediocre. Mediocre teams fear… Read more »

What type of team are you in?

Many of you have asked me to share more information on ‘all things to do with teams’ so over  the next few weeks I would like to share with you our thoughts and experiences of the different types of team that exist in organisations and the behavioural characteristics of each. These descriptions, put together by… Read more »