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Building empathy – rewind, reset, re-learn

Last week  I wrote about how challenging it can be to build empathy with people that ‘wind us up’ and how, when our hot buttons are pressed, we are likely to want to fight, flee, freeze or appease. It’s easy to feel genuine empathy for people that are ‘like us’; that we like and like us… Read more »

Not Shying Away

Last week I shared Dave Perkins’ inspiring thinking about how he wanted 2016 to look for himself and the  Nottingham Area board of  Young Enterprise UK. This week and next I’m going to be sharing Dave’s great wisdom and humility in ‘Not Shying Away’.  His words have given me a great deal of food for thought… Read more »

Inspire like Dave!

A very happy 2016 to you and I hope this year brings you everything you hope for. At the end of last year, I asked you what you wanted to be saying at the end of 2016 using this phrase in the present tense: If I imagine myself one year on…… what am I saying… Read more »

366 days to change your world

Most of us think of January 1st as a time to start our New Year Resolutions.  But I think Christmas is often a great time to look back AND to look forward with these two simple questions: What am I celebrating this year – what I’ve achieved, what my team has achieved….and how will I… Read more »

8 tips for your 8 hour revolution

Last week I said that the  best teams I know take regular time out – once a quarter for two hours is often all it takes – to talk about HOW they are working together and not just WHAT they are working on. I also stated that doing this can revolutionise your team. I had… Read more »

Just Eight Hours a Year Can Revolutionise Your Team!

Last week I shared the importance of understanding different perspectives on workplace conflict. One of the things I know about work place conflict is that it can and does fester in a busy work environment because we never take the time to talk about it.  We are so busy doing ‘stuff’ focusing on the numerous tasks… Read more »

Perspectives on Workplace Conflict

Last week  we looked at three questions to which we need to be able to answer ‘yes’ if we are serious about resolving a workplace (or personal) conflict. The thing with conflict is that it has such far reaching effects.  It doesn’t just impact on you and the other person – it has a ripple effect… Read more »