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If you keep on doing what you’ve always done…

Last week I wrote about two key things that will help you be more productive (no fads, apps or shiny new objects). The problem is, when we can’t see the wood for the trees we…well, we can’t see the wood for the trees! If you keep on doing what you’ve always done……you know the rest.

Blue Monday costs £93 billion

Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year was on Monday this week. How blue did you feel?? According to research by the University of Exeter Blue Monday could cost UK businesses as much as £93billion in lost productivity. That’s a staggering figure, isn’t it? In my 20 years working with numerous organisations in… Read more »

Inspire like Dave!

A very happy 2016 to you and I hope this year brings you everything you hope for. At the end of last year, I asked you what you wanted to be saying at the end of 2016 using this phrase in the present tense: If I imagine myself one year on…… what am I saying… Read more »

366 days to change your world

Most of us think of January 1st as a time to start our New Year Resolutions.  But I think Christmas is often a great time to look back AND to look forward with these two simple questions: What am I celebrating this year – what I’ve achieved, what my team has achieved….and how will I… Read more »

Quit Either/or Thinking

We limit ourselves by getting into either/or thinking. Or thinking we can only have something if it comes with a lot of pain…. Or we can only have something if we give something else up… you get the sort of thing! A couple of recent conversations went along these lines: Client 1:  ‘I can either… Read more »

Creativity – not just for special occasions – Part 2

I hope you enjoyed Jane Adshead Grant’s article on Creativity last week.  Here’s part 2. In last my article, I introduced the idea that creativity is something that we all have and can use, everyday – not just on special occasions. I also suggested why it is important for us to harness this innate capability…. Read more »

Creativity – not just for special occasions

I am fortunate enough to know and work with many talented colleagues and over the next year I am inviting them to write some guest blogs on topics which I know you will find interesting, useful and actionable! This week and next I am featuring Jane Adshead-Grant a colleague who has inspired me many… Read more »