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I got fired – (and what I learned)

I’ve been fired twice. Once from a seasonal job in Switzerland – for insubordination. (If you know me, that won’t surprise you at all – and in my defence, I was very young). And a year or so later for not ‘looking the part’ (my ‘just out of student life’ gear didn’t work in the hallowed… Read more »

Corporate Values are Meaningless unless….

I have to say I am sometimes a bit cynical about corporate values (there, I said it!). Not because they are not good things to have – in theory they are – but because so often they are words created to sound good, written by the senior team, a ‘project group’ or a bunch of… Read more »

 Tricky Workplace Conversations

As always I’m taking a break from writing new blogs in August to recharge my batteries (I try to practise what I preach) so over this month I will be sharing four of this year’s most popular blog posts with you.  If you haven’t read them yet….here’s your chance! This week it’s: Tricky Workplace Conversations

What are you tolerating?

Many years ago when I did my first Executive Coach Training (2001, since you ask…..when Executive Coaching was very, very new in the UK) one of the exercises we completed was this:  What are you tolerating? What are you tolerating in your life, your work, with your family and friends – and what do you… Read more »

Difficult Conversations – Get over your gremlins!

In my coaching work with leaders and teams one of the things I’m frequently asked to help them with is the ‘important’ conversation. I’ve written quite considerably on this topic before but this is a new article that contains everything you need to do in one place! Most commonly this is a conversation about performance… Read more »

Candid Conversations

Over the last couple of months we’ve been focusing on the 6 characteristics of a resilient team.  So far, we’ve looked at: Common Purpose and Trust This week… it’s all about candid conversations. I’ve written extensively about ‘difficult conversations’ before so I’m not going to repeat myself. What I will say is this: