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Inspire like Dave!

A very happy 2016 to you and I hope this year brings you everything you hope for. At the end of last year, I asked you what you wanted to be saying at the end of 2016 using this phrase in the present tense: If I imagine myself one year on…… what am I saying… Read more »

8 tips for your 8 hour revolution

Last week I said that the  best teams I know take regular time out – once a quarter for two hours is often all it takes – to talk about HOW they are working together and not just WHAT they are working on. I also stated that doing this can revolutionise your team. I had… Read more »

3 Key Questions for Conflict Resolution

Productive, energetic discussion and disagreement can lead to new ideas and improvements in performance and results. Teams that engage in productive conflict can challenge each other’s ideas  from a position of mutual respect – because they care about the bigger picture and each other.  They are not interested in scoring points, or trying to look… Read more »

Quit Either/or Thinking

We limit ourselves by getting into either/or thinking. Or thinking we can only have something if it comes with a lot of pain…. Or we can only have something if we give something else up… you get the sort of thing! A couple of recent conversations went along these lines: Client 1:  ‘I can either… Read more »

The Inner Game of Change*

Last year we at Lynn Scott Coaching  started working with three top teams in different organisations who need to focus on ‘changing the way things are done around here’ for a variety of different commercial reasons. (Some details have been changed for obvious reasons). In each case, change had to start with the top team… Read more »

The Assumption Game will astound you!

How many times do you make assumptions or state an opinion or belief as a fact? And how does this derail your confidence, self-belief or ability to move forward without you even knowing it? My guess is….. many more times than you think!