Start this TOMORROW and get loads more done!

Yet another day chasing your tail, wondering how you’re going to get through that meeting, lead your team, talk sense with your boss AND have time to eat lunch?

If someone tells you to ‘manage your time better’ you’re going to scream or run away swearing under your breath.

What’s the cure?

You need a ritual!

What am I talking about? Nothing to do with incense, crystals or chanting (unless those work for you of course in which case go right ahead!)

No, I mean a daily productivity ritual.

Why? There’s plenty of research out there on the power of rituals so I’m not going to repeat that here.

I mean something like this:
15 minutes to plan your day over your morning cuppa (no screen time allowed)
10 minutes to check your inbox and reply to anything urgent at the beginning/end of the day
10 minute walk over lunchtime to clear your head
30 minute check in with your team first thing to see what they’re working on and what they need from you (saves hours of emails, I promise you)
Meditation or deep breathing to feel calm and grounded….


Dog walk first thing – before anything else. Old jeans, old shoes, fresh air = best ideas AND firmer thighs.

(The dog’s happy, too).

The point is this – rituals are EASY!

So take your first step and I’d love to know what rituals work for you.