Being Stuck

thought cloud

OK I admit it. For the first time in 15 months I’m completely stuck.

Can’t think what to write, brain full of mush, blank sheet of paper staying blank.

Deadline looming…..

So I’m feeling under pressure, feeling anxious and, to be honest, a bit stupid.

Why have I got nothing to say?

And I’ve got two competing messages going round in my head.

One.  I’m a coach.  As coaches,  one of our roles is often to help clients get ‘unstuck’. To help them wade through the treacle of life and ‘take the first step’ in moving forward.  So I ‘should’ be able to think of something right now (that’s my ‘beating yourself up/you’re not good enough – you’re not okay’ message).

Two.  This is something one of my very first coach trainers taught me.  And that is that being stuck can be a very productive place to be although it might not feel like it at the time.  His advice was to ‘let it be’ for a while and trust that something will emerge.   Lose the ‘hurry up’ driver. (That’s my ‘it’s part of the human condition; be kind to yourself – you’re okay’ message).

I’ve got nothing to say vs I’m a blank canvas with lots of possibility.

I’m choosing the latter for now. That message excites me and fills me with energy