How to stay stuck

I hate feeling stuck. Unfocused, unsure, blurry…… anxious.

That feeling of not being able to make a decision despite mulling it over in your mind for hours on end or boring everybody with the same dilemma time and time again.

One minute you ‘make the decision’ only to change your mind again half an hour later.
Sound familiar?

I’m really good at helping other people get unstuck – I’m less good at doing it for myself (ain’t that often the case!) but there are six things I’ve learned that I can ALWAYS rely on.

If you want to stay stuck – ignore the rest of this blog. Otherwise – read on!

  • Move …. away….. from….your …..desk. New environments can trigger better thinking or at least ‘refresh’ your thinking (if you’ve read my blogs for a while now, you’ll know how my morning dog walk helps me with this).
  • Just make a decision – and then work out what you need to do next; one step at a time.
  • Research and put your feelers out. I love this one. When you’re at a crossroads and don’t know whether to go left or right, north or south, do a bit more ‘research’ about all the possible paths. No commitment either way…. Just a bit more fact finding and ‘dipping your toes in’ – THEN go back to number two above!
  • Ask for help from someone with no agenda. A great friend or loved one or – sometimes better – someone who is untainted by what they know and who they know and will help you shine a light into the deepest, darkest corners – without judgement.
  • Ask yourself ‘what would x do?’ I channel someone I admire – could be someone famous or one of my friends or colleagues. Someone who is braver than me. Or I channel my ‘Inner Amazonian’ – wow, just writing those two words has made me feel two feet taller!
  • Metaphorically put one of your six thinking hats on (check out Edward de Bono’s work on this if it’s unfamiliar).

Here’s to moving out of the treacle, syrup or glue of indecisiveness.