Ever wanted the ground to swallow you up?

The lowest, saddest points of my leadership career were when I felt completely useless – drowning in the detail and floundering like a fish in a shark-infested sea.

I couldn’t hold my own; stand up for what I believed was right for our customers (because other louder voices had another agenda) and flapping and waffling when I had to speak to one of the Executive board. I felt exposed and vulnerable.

The more tired I got, the longer things took and the more mistakes I made.

I wasn’t there for my team as much as I could have been.

When I think about the sort of manager I thought I was, I wanted the ground to swallow me up – shame is such a strong, destructive emotion.

The funny thing was, some years later I got some feedback via Facebook from a couple of my old team that I was ‘the best manager they had ever had’.

Strange, eh?

The thing is this. I was doing okay. More than okay. I just couldn’t see it.

I was ‘good enough.’

And you know what? You’re doing okay too.

So stop beating yourself up, comparing yourself to others and putting yourself down.

You’re good enough too.