Do you do this too?

Do you stick to what you know (the ‘boring, done it for years, can do it with my eyes shut’ stuff) when you’re faced with something ambiguous, vague, scary or new? The ‘out of comfort zone’ task, project or conversation?

Me too!

Does what one of my Facebook group members said recently sound familiar?

‘I struggle with too much to do and not enough time and get caught up in the detail and the day to day because there is so much work and frankly because that is easier than driving change!

Yep, thought so!

Is there a magic wand?

Not really – but the three things I know that will work for sure are these:

Time to think – I recently had a 5 hour train journey with no wi-fi and planned my whole online group coaching programme (I’d been procrastinating for ages because I was scared of ‘getting it wrong’). Just me, a big notebook and pen, my peppermint tea and, er, a big bag of M&M’s (ever tried healthy eating on a train?)

Ask for help – from someone who’s done it before. Your friends, colleagues, social media groups will be incredibly generous. People LOVE to help! Top tip – make your question clear and succinct with a little bit of context or background so you get the information you need.

Take the first step – you can’t ‘drive change’ in a day. But you can put one foot forward, followed by the other. (First step might be to figure out what the hell ‘driving change’ actually means!)

Until next week.