Choosing a Different Belief is Liberating!


Last week I wrote about the first step in changing the self-limiting  beliefs, scripts and stories that prevent us from being successful in life.

I encouraged you to:

Think about the beliefs you hold that prevent you from being as successful as you like (and to write them down). 

I used to have a strong ‘must be polite ’ belief.  Of course that serves me well much of the time.  But when I first started coaching, it got in the way of me  providing challenge and honest feedback.

I had to learn that if I was going to be the best coach I could be, one of the things I had to do was get out of my comfort zone and deliver the difficult messages in a way that people could hear them.

I had to change my belief from ‘must be polite’ to ‘My role is to help leaders lead as well as they can – and  sometimes that means helping them see their blind spots.’

How did I change?

I made the decision to experiment with being more ‘challenging’ (not the same as ‘impolite’, when I actually thought about it!)

When the first occasion arose, I took a big deep breath and ‘went for it’

The client loved the honesty, I breathed a sigh of relief and I’d turned the corner.

‘I can change – I just did’!  Of course it takes practice but once  you’ve jumped the first hurdle I can promise you will never look back.

Choice is great – it’s liberating and empowering!