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Are you at a career crossroad?

That’s it for another year. Your tree’s looking a bit sad and droopy (if it’s still there). Maybe you’re feeling a bit sad and droopy too. Or you’re energised and raring to go feeling shiny and sparkly about the year ahead. Or … you’ve got all these feelings going on at the same time….. you… Read more »

Small Talk makes the Big Talk happen

Last week I wrote about the power of dreaming big but starting small. One of my readers got in touch to remind me about a series of articles I wrote on Trust last year (if you want the links, just ask ‘Your article about the link between trust and small talk really struck me… Read more »

Winning Teams Masterclass – 11 May 2017

What gets in the way of your team operating at their absolute best? How do you get a truly high performing team? Over the last fifteen years, my colleague Lois Burton and I have helped teams to grow their performance by focusing on two key areas: Task – Practical tips, toolkits and checklists that make light… Read more »

Difficult Conversations – Get over your gremlins!

In my coaching work with leaders and teams one of the things I’m frequently asked to help them with is the ‘important’ conversation. I’ve written quite considerably on this topic before but this is a new article that contains everything you need to do in one place! Most commonly this is a conversation about performance… Read more »

4 Ways to Avoid the Busy-ness Comfort Zone

Last week I wrote about the Comfort Zone of Busy-ness. This week I want to share with you four key things to help you or your teams get out of that same comfort zone.  I wrote the article for Strategic HR Review and have permission to share it with you!  (The article starts on page… Read more »

The Comfort Zone of Busy-ness

We all know that our best learning takes place when we are ‘outside our comfort zone’ – but not so far out that we want to run for the hills.  I know my deepest and most long lasting growth has come when I’ve had to confront something I’ve been avoiding or take on a challenge… Read more »

Rituals and Habits – Here Comes the Science Bit!

I’ve written about rituals and habits before and how important they are to me in maintaining my focus and being productive.  Well, it seems that science backs this up in many ways! Here’s a great article which tells you more about the neuroscience of rituals. Enjoy!