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Thank you for being here.

Thank you for being part of my community – for reading my work, commenting, agreeing and disagreeing – and sharing. I really appreciate it. I wish you a joyful and happy Christmas and see you in 2019.

Grow your Coaching Presence

This week’s blog is of particular interest to you if you are a coach. There’s a great webinar programme run by ICF Master Coaches this year on the ICF Core Competencies and I’m delighted and humbled that they’ve asked me to deliver one on Coaching Presence.

Corporate Values are Meaningless unless….

I have to say I am sometimes a bit cynical about corporate values (there, I said it!). Not because they are not good things to have – in theory they are – but because so often they are words created to sound good, written by the senior team, a ‘project group’ or a bunch of… Read more »