Are you at a career crossroad?

That’s it for another year.

Your tree’s looking a bit sad and droopy (if it’s still there).

Maybe you’re feeling a bit sad and droopy too.

Or you’re energised and raring to go feeling shiny and sparkly about the year ahead.

Or … you’ve got all these feelings going on at the same time….. you feel conflicted.

Because you’re at a crossroads.

‘Do I stay or do I go?’

‘Do I go for that promotion or wait until I’ve got enough experience?’

‘Do I stay here where it’s safe or make the leap to do my own thing?’

‘Do I really want to be here in another year vs. Is there somewhere else I could be?’

Sometimes the choice is really easy (you’re hitting the motorway and know exactly where you’re going). But often it’s not.

If you’re at that crossroads, try walking down each of the roads a little bit. What lies north? What if you went East? What if you stayed in the middle for a while?

You can turn back if you don’t like what you see. Or find someone to walk with you. Or explore a little further if you like where the road is taking you.

Or if that’s not your type of thing (Personally I love a good metaphor!) you could do a simple list. Pros and cons. Pluses and minuses. Hopes and fears. Questions and… well, more questions.

Any one of those things will help you choose the right path.

I wish you a happy, healthy and effortless 2019.