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Saying No is your ‘Superpower’

Saying No is your ‘Superpower’

Being kind, helpful and supportive is A GOOD THING.Being at the beck and call of everyone else so that you don’t have a life is NOT a good thing. You’ll forever feel overwhelmed.In this video we look at how to protect your time AND be available for other people.You CAN do both.

Meeting Madness – (please make it go away!)

Meeting Madness

Do you spend ages in pointless meetings?Back-to- back talking shops that serve no purpose and waste our time are a BIG contributor to overwhelm.You need tactics – for ‘meeting mastery.’AND – an elegant way to say ‘no’ to those time-wasting talking shops that ruin your day. This video will show you how.No more mind-numbing collective procrastination… Read more »