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Easy Productivity Tip (1)

Many of you know that I have been on a mission to be much more productive without working harder over many years.  I’m very interested in the scientific research behind productivity rather than the so-called ‘wisdom’ that has no basis in science. One of the things that’s working really well for me is this:

Winning Teams in Manchester

If you’ve enjoyed the four articles I’ve written recently on Changing our Team Culture then you’ll love our Manchester Masterclass on Winning Teams.  Our May event sold out quickly so we’re running another half-day event on 12th October. This is not a massive ‘presentation’.  We want you to have our personal attention so the event is… Read more »

Perfect Feedback in Six Minutes

Last year I completed an eight month training programme on Conversational Intelligence® run by WBECS and delivered by the wonderful Judith Glaser. I’m proud to say that I’m now a Core Practitioner in Conversational Intelligence®  which focuses on neuroscientific frameworks that enable coaches, leaders, teams and organisations to have conversations that trigger trust, growth and… Read more »

Changing our Team Culture – Part Four

Over the last three weeks I’ve been sharing with you a step by step process to help you change your team culture.  You can find the last three articles here. In last week’s article, I talked about the importance of focusing on no more than three critical behaviours to change – if you try to… Read more »