Monthly Archives: April 2017

Dream big, start small

Last week I wrote about confidence and the importance of ‘planning, preparing and practising’ to grow our confidence in different areas of our life and work. Victoria Beckham, on receiving her OBE last week, announced that ‘if you dream big and work hard you can achieve great things’. Do you agree with her? She’s certainly someone… Read more »

If I had more confidence…..

Just like me I’m sure that every executive coach in the world helps leaders to work on their ‘confidence’ issues in some shape or form. Does that mean that we are naturally supremely confident beings and have ‘all the answers’? No, of course not! At times I’m fearful, vulnerable and worried about making an idiot… Read more »

What Are Your Big Rocks?

I’ve been talking to a very busy group of leaders this week on the topic of overwhelm.  It’s a big one for many of us so I thought it was worth reminding ourselves of Stephen Covey’s Big Rocks. Covey tells the story of a man who stood in front of a group of what he… Read more »