Monthly Archives: December 2016

4 Ways to Avoid the Busy-ness Comfort Zone

Last week I wrote about the Comfort Zone of Busy-ness. This week I want to share with you four key things to help you or your teams get out of that same comfort zone.  I wrote the article for Strategic HR Review and have permission to share it with you!  (The article starts on page… Read more »

The Comfort Zone of Busy-ness

We all know that our best learning takes place when we are ‘outside our comfort zone’ – but not so far out that we want to run for the hills.  I know my deepest and most long lasting growth has come when I’ve had to confront something I’ve been avoiding or take on a challenge… Read more »

My Team Won’t Change

Recently I’ve been working with a Director of Finance (we’ll call him Rob) who has joined a new global business.  He’s ‘inherited’ a long-standing team of 12, most of whom have been there for over ten years (one has been there for twenty years). In his words, they are hard-working, respected in the business and… Read more »