Monthly Archives: September 2016

You Teach Others How To Treat You

This phrase has been with me a lot this week for a variety of reasons and as a result of numerous conversations. There’s definitely been a theme emerging! You teach others how to treat you.

3 Ways to be more Productive

One of the things I struggled with for years was taking on too much work and feeling overwhelmed and exhausted – with all that entails. I know from my work with leaders and teams that this is a BIG challenge to pretty much everyone in corporate life. Is there an easy answer? Of course not!… Read more »

Good Leaders and Good Sales People – Some common themes

Recently I’ve been working with teams of senior sales leaders – the focus has been on developing their leadership – but it struck me that good leaders and good sales people have a lot in common. In fact, I recently wrote an article for The Sales Pro on the topic of Sales Training – and whether it… Read more »

How to Delegate when You’ve Always Done Everything Yourself

I’ve written much, over the years, about delegation but it’s one of the things that many of us struggle with for a variety of reasons. I was recently asked by ByteStart to write about this very topic with entrepreneurs and small businesses in mind.  You can read the article here:- Whether you’re an entrepreneur… Read more »

Wake up and Smell the Peaches

I hope you’ve managed to enjoy some ‘time out’ this summer doing something you love…or doing nothing at all.  Anything that clears the brain and refreshes body and soul! Here in my little corner of rural France I took much of August off – it’s one of my favourite months to enjoy the sunshine and… Read more »