Monthly Archives: July 2016

3 Good Summer Reads

Each year at about this time I like to share with you some summer reading – my favourite books for leaders this year. They are all readable, practical and full of good ideas to reflect on whilst you are lying on your sunbed or relaxing anywhere else. I’ve recommended these books to clients and friends… Read more »

Manage Expectations – An Exercise You Can Use

Last week I spoke to a manager who had moved jobs and taken on a new team.  In his first week, he was already worrying about what his team expected of him. ‘They are working well, so I want to help them but without telling them what to do’. ‘I am not sure what they… Read more »

8 Steps to Manage Important Conversations

Following my last two blogs on Collaboration, and your feedback, I would like to make my recent presentation on the 8 Steps to Manage Important Conversations available to you.  It’s short and succinct but covers all the main areas. It’s clearly a hot topic for many of us! If you would like a copy to use with your team… Read more »

Want more collaboration? Put yourself in THEIR shoes

One of the most common requests on my leadership programmes is to ‘do something on difficult conversations’. And one of the most powerful ways I work on this with my leadership groups is to enable people to imagine the world from that ‘difficult’ person’s shoes.