Monthly Archives: October 2015

3 Key Questions for Conflict Resolution

Productive, energetic discussion and disagreement can lead to new ideas and improvements in performance and results. Teams that engage in productive conflict can challenge each other’s ideas  from a position of mutual respect – because they care about the bigger picture and each other.  They are not interested in scoring points, or trying to look… Read more »

Quit Either/or Thinking

We limit ourselves by getting into either/or thinking. Or thinking we can only have something if it comes with a lot of pain…. Or we can only have something if we give something else up… you get the sort of thing! A couple of recent conversations went along these lines: Client 1:  ‘I can either… Read more »

How do you want your LIFE to be?

One of the exciting and yet scary things I did a couple of years ago was to do a vision board of how I wanted my life to look.  Many of you will be familiar with the exercise where you cut pictures from magazines of things that ‘speak’ to you. It’s exciting because it takes… Read more »

Culture Change – Folklore and History

I asked  Phil Badley to write my final article in the Culture Change series I have been featuring over the last few weeks.  With years of first hand senior operational leadership supporting organisations through really challenging change I knew he would have something important to say! Leaders are under relentless pressure to improve their organisations to… Read more »

Culture Change – Don’t make it Difficult

I have been covering the theme of Culture Change for the last few weeks and this week I am delighted to feature Amanda Jones as my guest writer. Amanda designed and successfully delivered a major cultural and transformational programme in The Co-operative saving £20M of occupational space by changing how people worked, improving productivity and… Read more »