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Culture Change….Where to Begin Part 2

I hope you enjoyed Nicola Johnston’s article on Culture Change last week. Here’s part 2. I focused last time  on helping organisations to get clear on the WHAT and the WHY of change programmes…but that’s just one essential component …and I want to turn my attention to HOW to lead culture change. My experience shows… Read more »

Culture Change…..Where to Begin Part 1

I am fortunate enough to know and work with many talented colleagues and over the next year I am inviting them to write some guest blogs on topics which I know you will find interesting, useful and actionable! This week and next I am featuring Nicola Johnston a change specialist and colleague whom I’ve known… Read more »

The Inner Game of Change*

Last year we at Lynn Scott Coaching  started working with three top teams in different organisations who need to focus on ‘changing the way things are done around here’ for a variety of different commercial reasons. (Some details have been changed for obvious reasons). In each case, change had to start with the top team… Read more »

Organisational Culture – Kill, Cure or Leave well alone?

Companies often refer to their great culture as the key reason for their success. Peter Drucker is credited as saying: ‘Culture eats strategy for breakfast’. In other words…. your strategy simply won’t work if ‘the culture’ won’t accept it. According to research, more than 70% of change programmes fail. So what to do if you… Read more »