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3 Essentials for the Leader Coach – 2 – Challenge and Support

  Last week we looked at the importance of Trust and a Strong Relationship  for Leaders who want to coach effectively. Essential Number 2 This week we are going to focus on the importance of challenge and support. In my experience, challenge and support (and challenge WITH support) are essential to good coaching.  Coaching is… Read more »

Ten Truths for Leaders who Coach

A coaching approach is simply a focused conversation which helps your team member to grow in confidence and competence; take purposeful action and continually improve.’ Here are ten truths about coaching and what it is there to do:

Coaching in the real world – WHAT WORKS NOW

    Getting everything done with fewer and fewer resources and limited time in challenging circumstances… this is a common theme with almost every leader I know.  Many of you will have read in previous blog posts about my own challenges dealing with overwhelm and lack of focus and trying to work through them. I’ve learned… Read more »