Monthly Archives: October 2014

Is your Team in the Danger Zone?

This week I’m going to be describing the Seriously Dysfunctional Team. This is a team in the danger zone. These teams are very visible in organisations for all the wrong reasons. It is obvious that the team has serious problems. Often organisations which contain seriously dysfunctional teams tolerate them because they do not know what to… Read more »

What type of team are you in?

Many of you have asked me to share more information on ‘all things to do with teams’ so over  the next few weeks I would like to share with you our thoughts and experiences of the different types of team that exist in organisations and the behavioural characteristics of each. These descriptions, put together by… Read more »

How to Influence when you’re not ‘the boss’

How do you get people ‘on side’; get people to work with you on projects or pieces of work when you are not their immediate line manager? This is often called ‘Influence without Power’ and it can be a tough challenge when invariably these people are busy, stretched and have a million other priorities they’re… Read more »

Behaviour Change Re-visted

Earlier this year I posted an article called the Six Steps to Behaviour change. So I thought you’d like Marshall Goldsmith’s article and short video ‘You’ve  changed! Why didn’t anybody notice?’ Here’s the link: You’ve Changed! Why Didn’t Anyone Notice?