Monthly Archives: August 2014

Double Your Self Belief

If ever I’m having a little wobble, doubting myself or making myself small I turn to the inspiring Fiona Harrold’s book on Indestructible Self Belief.

10 Traits of a Toxic Organisation

In the last year or so I’ve made a strong suggestion to two separate executive coaching clients (intellectually sharp and emotionally intelligent clients who have influenced great change in their previous roles) that they might want to think about leaving the organisations they’ve recently joined (totally different organisations as it happens).  Actually, what I said… Read more »

Five ways leaders build trust

The topic of trust is a very big one indeed and one which, until fairly recently, was not discussed much in organisations.  How things change!

Turn up the Volume

Over the last three weeks we’ve been exploring the topic of gravitas.  So far we’ve learned to get grounded and found out what to do with our inner critic. This week I want to introduce you to your coach who, of course, is the most wonderful human being on the planet.