Monthly Archives: July 2014

Meet Your Inner Critic

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve been looking at the topic of gravitas – last week I shared an exercise to help us get grounded which is  a good place to start the journey towards more gravitas.

Feet on Floor, Bum on Chair

Last week I shared   Caroline Goyder’s gravitas equation with you. As a reminder,  it’s knowledge+purpose+passion (minus anxiety). Gravitas is something we can all learn to have more of and as most of you know by now that one of my mantras is to ‘just take the first step’ I want to share three exercises with… Read more »

The Three Essentials of Executive Presence

One of the most popular topics I’ve written on this year is Leadership Presence  – three articles in April led to a lot of follow up emails and conversations so it’s clearly a topic that’s of great interest!  Much as we might belief we should be judged on our actions, our experience, our knowledge, our performance……. Read more »

Feedback Made Simple

There has been so much written on feedback and how, when and why to give it so I don’t intend to re-invent the wheel. (But, seriously, if you’re still using the ‘feedback sandwich’ you need to stop it NOW). Here instead are two questions that are simple, powerful and fit for purpose. ‘What can I… Read more »