Monthly Archives: May 2014

Get off the Superhighway

Over the last three weeks I’ve been looking at Leadership Presence Leaders with presence are great at really focusing on what they are doing and on the person or people they are with. Many of you are joining me on a mission to get more focus in your own life and work so I thought… Read more »

Why You Won’t Delegate

There are many  lies or half-truths; excuses we make to ourselves and others that  stop us from delegating and keep us feeling overwhelmed…..but, if we’re honest, can also keep us SAFE from having to take on new, more scary, challenging or potentially risky tasks where we may no longer be the expert or the fount of all… Read more »

10 Steps to Successful Delegation

  Over the last couple of weeks we’ve been exploring the topic of delegation – click here if you missed last week’s article Last week, I asked you to draw up a plan outlining one thing to delegate each week or month to a team member.  Hopefully you have a team member in mind for your first… Read more »

Delegation – 5 Key Questions – And More!

We’re going to dig a bit deeper into WHAT to delegate – and how to make a start. Firstly, it’s fair to point out that many of us know the theory of delegation but we still don’t do it or don’t do it enough.  Why?  Our mindset and limiting beliefs get in the way.  I’ll… Read more »

From See-through Nighties to Delegation

My brilliant colleague and friend Harry Brooks, a consultant of 46 years’ standing  who has in his time written about pretty well everything from see-through nighties to investment banking and has worked with Nissan, Mars, Lexus, Seiko, English Heritage, Wimpey, Logica… .to name but a few…… has some great words of wisdom which I would… Read more »