Monthly Archives: October 2013

Leadership Strategies – 10 Steps To Masterful Meetings

Diary cram-packed with meetings with no space in between to think, reflect or even breathe? An issue for many a leader. How’s that working for you? Do you return from meetings saying ‘that was a waste of time?’ You’re not alone.  Many people complain that the meetings they attend are like wading through treacle or… Read more »

She Drives Me Crazy!… Cue for a Song Or A Leadership Challenge?

  She Drives Me Crazy (as the Fine Young Cannibals once sang) Or he does….. I’ve worked with three different people this week who’ve had what they all described as ‘tricky’ or ‘difficult’ working relationships with one of their colleagues.  There were a lot of similarities in what these three leaders described. The ‘tricky colleagues’… Read more »


Leadership Team Coach Training Programme The Ultimate Team Coaching Solution with Lynn Scott & Lois Burton starts 5 March 2014   Would you love to coach leadership teams but not quite sure how or where to start? Do you want to earn more by coaching leadership teams or add more value to your organisation if you… Read more »