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Transforming Teams Model

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This model is to be used in conjunction with our Transformational Teams Questionnaire.

For more than a decade we have worked with numerous teams in a variety of different organisations and sectors. As a result of this experience we have come to understand that work teams that perform at the top of their game all the time are very, very rare.

What we have identified, broadly speaking, is five different team ‘types’ and we have identified specific behaviours that characterise each of these team types in this Transforming Teams Model.

But before you look at these team types, we recommend that you take a look at our Transformational Teams Questionnaire as part of a team exercise (it takes about 15-20 minutes to complete so you could incorporate it into a team meeting with or without an external facilitator or team coach). Instructions on how to use the questionnaire in conjunction with this model are included.

For more information on our Transforming Teams Model or questionnaire please contact us.

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"Team Coaching has helped us to develop our understanding of what we need to do to be a High Performing Team. Thanks to Lois and Lynn we are now exploring the benefits of coaching across the organisation."

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Chief Executive
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