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Your Personality Profile

Your Personality Profile

Complete a Personality Questionnaire

Lynn Scott Coaching has teamed up with FindingPotential to give you the opportunity to complete a full Personality Questionnaire. This questionnaire is much the same as ones you may have completed in the past or are likely to in the future and has been designed by experts in psychometric questionnaire design (find out more).

Why complete?

The questionnaire is perfect for you if:

  • You are interested in self-development and/or you are currently working with a coach
  • You are looking for a change of career or change of direction
  • You are simply curious about yourself!

What will I receive?

On completion of the questionnaire FindingPotential will send you your Personal Report. The report provides you with a rich and detailed insight into your personality preferences in a work environment.

If you would like to see an example report (PDF) please click here.

Once you have read the report, our self-reflection workbook on Making The Most of Your Personality Profile will help you to put the information in context and help you to understand your personality characteristics and preferred styles. For maximum benefit, use this report and workbook with your coach and/or your line manager as part of a development discussion or review.

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