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Executive Team Coaching

Executive Team Coaching

Lynn Scott Coaching works with you and your senior team on those areas where you have insufficient knowledge, skill or awareness to do it on your own. Our executive team programmes are designed around your specific needs and challenges – so before we start, we’ll talk to everyone in the team personally (and possibly some of your other stakeholders). We build a solid foundation on which to work. We don’t do paintballs and rafts.

Lynn Scott’s team coaching programmes will help you to identify how to be a much more effective team when you are together as well as when you are apart (no more silos). You’ll learn how to give and receive powerful feedback. You’ll start to question the way things are done and face up to the things you’ve been avoiding. Lacklustre or pointless meetings will be a thing of the past. You’ll do away with ‘group-think’ and work on ‘productive challenge’.

You’ll be more committed to each other’s growth and development. Team members will collaborate and contribute more when they understand the impact of their behaviour and approach. As a result, you gain a more effective workplace team whose performance and results improve dramatically.

Most significantly, when you’ve worked with Lynn Scott Coaching over a period of time, (normally 3 months to a year), you’ll have a team with the awareness and ability to work things out for itself.

Our approach is challenging and liberating – and it works.

We start by helping you to have more courageous conversations and, with this in mind, there are two tools designed by Lynn Scott and Lois Burton that we’d like to share with you.

Firstly, have a look at Lynn Scott's and Lois Burton’s Transformational Teams Questionnaire. This can be used to kick-start a discussion in your own team.

Once you’ve completed the questionnaire, our Transforming Teams Model will help you to identify what sort of team you are. We’ve identified five different team types based on our collective experience of working with a variety of different leaders and their teams over the last ten years.

Just need some tools, techniques and ideas to get you moving in the right direction? Attend one of our Create a Better Team in Three Months workshops.

Need something more? Some outside expertise? Then Lynn and Lois’ Transforming Teams Platinum Programme might be right for you.

Talk to us today. Phone: 01729 548024 or email.

"Lynn Scott helped us identify what is important for the company and for us, personally. As a result, we have grown our blue chip client list by 20%."

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