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Coaching for Emotional Intelligence

If you really want to succeed as a leader you need Emotional Intelligence (EI). Great leaders bring out the best in their team members and create a positive environment that encourages motivation and extra effort. EI is the single attribute that differentiates the best high-performing leaders and professionals across all industries worldwide.

Lynn Scott and her colleagues are expert in supporting leaders to develop their Emotional Intelligence.

Experience, business skills and IQ are not enough to do well. To be a top leader you need more. You need the ability to inspire, to empathise, to influence. You need to know how to lead, to develop others and to give and receive honest feedback.

In short, you need Emotional Intelligence.

Research has shown that emotionally intelligent leaders create better work climates. They do a better job of developing employees and they get better results.

This is because Emotional Intelligence is your capacity to recognise your own feelings and those of others. It’s your capacity to motivate yourself. And it’s your capacity to manage emotions effectively in yourself and others. In simple terms it’s about managing your emotions intelligently.

So, how do you know if you’ve got it? The clue is in how you are perceived by other people.

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"Lynn was able to get me to focus on key influences in my life in a direct yet non-intrusive way. This is testimony to Lynn’s understanding for the need to, and her ability to, build a genuine relationship."

Senior Manager
Jardine Lloyd Thompson