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360 Degree Feedback

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An annual appraisal is one dimensional, whereas 360 degree feedback gives you a full range of honest opinions, from all the people whose judgement matters — hence the name.

You get objective views from your manager, your peers, your direct reports and any other colleagues whose opinion is important. And, where applicable, you get feedback from your clients or customers. Just tell us who you want feedback from, ask their permission and explain why this feedback is important to you. Once we have everybody’s email addresses, we’ll do the rest.

360 degree feedback on your Emotional Intelligence using the Hay Group’s ESCI (Emotional and Social Competency Inventory) is available as part of Lynn Scott’s 1-1 leadership coaching packages. This tool combines the seminal work of Dr Daniel Goleman and Dr Richard Boyatzis with the Hay Group’s 35 years of competency research and assessment technology.

Broadly speaking, this 360 degree feedback tool measures your emotional self-awareness, social awareness, self-management and relationship management competencies.

Our clients often tell us that 360 degree feedback is the most powerful development tool they have ever experienced.

It’s a rare opportunity to see if others see you the way you see yourself and to fully understand your impact at work.

It’s so valuable because the more you know about yourself, the more you can build on your strengths and change things that are not working for you or others.

Lynn Scott Coaching’s role is to develop and improve leadership style and behaviour, and to grow emotionally intelligent leaders. 360 degree feedback gives us invaluable data to help us achieve these goals.

Note: Lynn Scott has also delivered feedback for a number of organisations using their own bespoke 360 degree feedback instrument as part of her leadership coaching work.

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"Your coaching helped re-build my faith in myself and my abilities, and boosted my confidence to apply for a more challenging role. Since then I have been promoted twice and am currently a senior manager in the NHS."

Jan Smith
R&D Manager