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Powerful leadership is in every manager. Our Leadership 1-1 Coaching is to build strengths. Find out how you can bring out the best - in yourself and your team...

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1-1 Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching isn’t about changing who you are. It’s about helping you to be the best leader that you can be; giving you an opportunity to step back, reflect and move forward with greater awareness, clarity and impact.

Whatever your level or experience of leadership to date, our clients have one thing in common. They are, without exception, already good at what they do and want to be even better.

Who We Coach

Lynn Scott Coaching works predominantly with high potential leaders of the future and leaders who are already ‘there’ and want to play a bigger and better game. Our clients include MDs, CEOs, Directors and Senior Managers as well as stunningly talented new graduates or young leaders in their first leadership roles.

Is this You?

  • Perhaps you became a leader because of your excellent technical or academic skills; a list of impressive qualifications as long as your arm... a proven track record in an operational role. But you want to be a more confident and inspirational team leader.
  • Or you are a worried over-achiever. You feel overwhelmed with your workload. You would love to be more successful but with less effort. You’d also like to be much more focused with clearer priorities.
  • Maybe your next step is to reach Board level but you know you need to develop greater presence and influence.
  • Or you’re a new CEO who feels you should have all the answers and you don’t. (So you’re wondering if one day you’ll be ‘found out.’)

We have worked with dozens of leaders like you over the last ten years who experience these challenges, and many more. And Lynn Scott’s coaches have all worked in senior roles so we understand the pressures and challenges and the highs and lows of organisational life. Read more about Lynn Scott and Lynn Scott’s team.

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"Lynn's approach is based on the highest professional standards built on a foundation of deep understanding of coaching. Her open, honest and encouraging style made me achieve changes in my personal style and behaviour in ways I hadn’t considered possible before."

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